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March 30, 2013
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Finnceline comic: Fills me with joy. Page 1 by Michelle-Turner Finnceline comic: Fills me with joy. Page 1 by Michelle-Turner
YYYYYYYYYY TERMINADO el primer capitulo! :3 lamento para los que ya leyeron ''sex talk'' tener que comerselo de nuevo, pero en mi idea original quería que empezase así <3

Los flashback serán solo los dibujos en blanco y negro, si necesitan alguna otra aclaración diganme y no hay problema.

Y lamento que sea TAN corto es que por falta de backgrounds no pude seguirlo, buscaré a fondo pero si alguna buena personita me dice donde puedo conseguir buenos background de hora de aventura, estaré por siempre agradecida! <3

Espero que les guste y los amo a todos <3!

Cover: [link]
Siguiente: [link]



AAAAAAAAAND IT'S DONE the first chapter! :3 Sorry for thos who has already read 'sex talk' but in my original idea this has to began this way <3

The flashback are just the sketchs in black n white and if you have any doubt just tell me, there will be no problem.

And I'm sorry this page is SO short this is because I don't have enough AT backgrounds but I'll try to get some images but if some good person tells me where I can found some backgrounds from Adventure Time I'll be soooo glad! <3

Here is the translate:

Finn: Uhmm...Damn, Why did I had to go to speak with her?
Marcy: Hey Finn!
Finn: Hey, Mar-Mar!
Marcy: Are we going to and adventure today?
Finn: No, I wanted to ask you something...
You know that now I'm 17 and I feel the change in my body and those kind of stuff, so I wanted to ask you...
Marcy: WAIT! You want that I talk with about sex?
Finn: Ehm... well... yes.
So now that you are a horny teenger I'll ask you something... Do I turn you on?
Finn: EH?! I just wanted to ask you something! How can you ask me that?! I'm just a kid! And what is that of turn me on?! ARGH, I HAVE TO GO!
Marcy: What a nuts...

*End of flashback*
Finn: This is so embarrassed! Now I can't stop thinkig of that! Why did she ask me that? Argh, that question make me feel me strange about Marceline.She was just joking so why do I take this SO seriously?
Jake: Lately Finn is a Little weird, he's screaming alone more than ever.
-Should I talk with him? but I think that is not of my business.
-Even so, he's my brother and maybe he'll drive crazy if I don't help him
-Uhm, well I'll ask him only because I don't wanna know what happened by LSP.

Jake: Finn, bro. Is something wrong? HEY FINN!
Finn: AH! What happen jake?
Jake: That's what I'm asking you, why you look so worried.
Finn: Oh, it's nothing, I was just thinking non-sence stuff.
-And If we go to see PB?
Jake: Yeah! Let's go, the other day I was playing hide 'n' seek with Cinnamon Bun and I forgot to look him...
Finn: Do you think he's okey?
Jake: Sure, He probably thinks that he won me.

Cover: [link]
Next: [link]
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